Windna Hobbyhorses

Windna Hobbyhorses is a Finnish hobbyhorse brand by one person called Alisa Aarniomäki. It is all about making hobbyhorsing more popular and public by shows, flash mobs and providing more and more hobbyhorses for people around the world.

Hobbyhorses can be bought or commissioned here. All my hobbyhorses are handmade by me, making every horse unique and easily tailored for your preferences. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any idea regarding hobbyhorsing - I am open and ready to co-operate with different events, projects and happy to give interviews.



Windna Hobbyhorses guarantees handmade, original Finnish hobbyhorses with quality and years of experience for everyone. The horse can be made just for you... You can ask me (alone or with a group of hobbyists) to different events to speak, ride, coach or, for example, host bachelor parties. I am experienced in riding shows, workshops... I have been doing hobbyhorsing since 2008 when this hobby was not known by anyone else but the hobbyists themselves - this was a secret for most of us. I have always been goal-directed with making hobbyhorses and competing yet I was one...