Windna Hobbyhorses - what is it?

Windna is a hobbyhorse brand made by a young Finnish woman; Alisa Aarniomäki, a long term hobbyist and now an entrepreneur. I have been doing hobbyhorsing since 2008 when this hobby was not known by anyone else but the hobbyists themselves - this was a secret for most of us. I have always been goal-directed with making hobbyhorses and competing yet I was one of the hobbyists who once feared to show this hobby openly. The hobbyhorsing as a hobby originates from Finland from where it started to spread globally when a documentary Hobbyhorse Revolution was released and I, with the two other main characters; Aisku and Elsa, started to tour the world.

Now my mission is to make our widely grown hobby even more common so we wouldn’t be associated with old stereotypes about this being only children’s toy. I travel around the world speaking for this hobby in the media, hosting workshops, doing riding shows. I organize a hobbyhorse parade and flash mob in the heart of Helsinki annually, coach other hobbyists and sell hobbyhorses around the world: I have also made hobbyhorses for Prince William as a greeting gift from Finland. I ride actively and train dressage for competitions in a Finnish championship level.

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