Buy a Hobbyhorse

Windna Hobbyhorses guarantees handmade, original Finnish hobbyhorses with quality and years of experience for everyone. The horse can be made just for you; the color, the size, the shape, everything can be just the way you wish. The horses are made out of minky/velboa.

The horses are normally shipped without stick. This is due to its high price in shipping. The horse will have a ready-made gap in the fillings for easy attachment and I’m always happy to help you with the attachment if you need assistance. You can buy your horse with the stick if you wish me to attach it for you.
Note that shipping cost will be added to the price. Ask for the price to your country if it is not listed below!
Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Estonia, France, Great Britain - 23€
USA, Russia, Switzerland - 47€

Basic Horse - 150€

Basic Plus - 170€

Extra - 190€
A hobbyhorse with wool mane and fillings.
- A small marking and shading around eyes, muzzle and ears.
- Black or blue eyes.
- No pied/multicolored, dappled or roan horses or fjords.
A hobbyhorse with wool or fake hair mane and fillings.
- A big marking, e.g. bald face
- Big shaded areas, e.g. roans, dappled horses
- No pied/multicolored horses or fjords.
Any hobbyhorse with fillings.
- Pied/multicolored horses.
- Fjords.
- Curly manes.
- No fantasy horses (unicorns, pegasi).